TASCO Centrifuge

Due to the critical nature horizontal decanter centrifuges play in most processes, centrifuge repair and refurbishing lead time plays an important role in selecting a company that can provide excellent results. At TASCO Centrifuge, we strive to meet or exceed your turnaround requirements, while ensuring critical centrifuge repair and refurbishing work that exceeds your expectations.

Centrifuge Reconditioning and Parts Sales

TASCO Centrifuge provides expert centrifuge repair and refurbishing support for a wide variety industries and decanter models. Since 1974, TASCO Centrifuge has provided outstanding service for the animal rendering, oil and gas, ethanol, industrial processing, and wastewater industries.

Machine Shop

Our machine shop offers 24-hour emergency service. We repair and rebuild varying sizes of centrifuges from an Alpha Laval PM95000 to a p660. Our 60-inch lathe gives us the ability to machine large centrifuges, and our Landis grinder allows us to shape the conveyor contours to the bowl of the centrifuge. We dynamically balance rotating assemblies of centrifuges, as well as industrial fans and rotors.